• At Capricorn we believe that you make the difference.

    Everyone, whether directly or indirectly, has an impact on our Members – who are also our customers and owners.

    Whatever you do at Capricorn, whether dealing with internal customers or Preferred Suppliers, we all have an impact on our Members.

    It is everyone’s responsibility to keep Capricorn special. Ultimately, we want to consistently delight our Members in everything we do for them. And for you to take PRIDE in your role and embody our PRIDE values in everything you do. We only hire people that are passionate and can really deliver personal and professional service. We treat everyone at Capricorn really well. It is our expectation that in turn you will do the same for our Members and any internal or external customers. 

    Our culture is about PRIDE and the individual values and behaviours that make it up because…YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. 


    When it comes to anticipating the needs of our Members, Suppliers and Internal Customers we don’t wait for things to happen. We go out and make them happen. 


    We are responsible for what we do and don’t do. And we are accountable for the end result.


    The more we question, the more we learn. And the better we become.


    Striving to provide a consistently superior service to our Members is not always simple. But it is always worth it.


    Enthusiasm is a two-way street. When we’re revved up, our Members are too.